Plants & Factories Engineering Services

Process Design, implementation, Optimization and Automation for:

Mechanical Process Solutions:

  • Screw Conveyor Systems.
  • Belt Conveyor Systems.
  • Chain Conveyor Systems.
  • Gearboxes And Configurated Drives.
  • Rotary Kiln Systems.
  • Pneumatic Configurations.
  • Hydraulic Configurations.
  • Linear Process Configurations.

Electrical Process Solutions:

  • Electrical Control Systems.
  • High, Medium & Low Voltage Distribution Systems

Electronic And Instrumentation Automation Solutions:

  • Industrial Process Automation.
  • PLC & SCADA Systems Integration.

Detailed Engineering Drafting.

Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning According to ISO9001 Standards.

Maintenance Management Systems Auditing, Optimization, and Implementation:

  • Preventative Maintenance Management Solutions.
  • Predictive Maintenance Management Solutions.