SolProv Engineering Pty Ltd believes that preserving the global environment is one of the most important concerns facing us today. For this specific reason, we are making every effort to promote the health of our earth and of everybody living on it. To meet this purpose, we are making a comprehensive effort to develop and utilize innovative new engineering technologies. SolProv Engineering:

  • Structures business operations at every level for conserving the global environment by all available means.
  • Recognizes the environmental effects of the company’s operations accurately, sets environmental objectives that are practicable from both technical and environmental aspects, and implements continuous improvements of the environmental management system operation aimed at improving environmental performances, conserving the global environment, and considering biodiversity.
  • Observes all environmental laws, regulations, agreements, etc. in which we develop and implement our own internal standards as required so that the company is continually motivated to meet ever-rising performance targets.
  • Promotes the development and marketing of products that have less impact on the global environment.
  • Educates and enlightens our entire workforce in matters concerning environmental issues in order to heighten their awareness of environmental problems and their will to participate in environmental management activities.
  • Verifies the priority of the company’s environmental management performance by sufficient use of monitoring and checking functions.
  • Prevents the environmental risks, such as accidents involving pollution and disasters, and establishes a control system that minimizes the impacts of the risks such as climate change.